Monday, November 1, 2010

We All Know What This Blog Will Be About...

Mrs. Mimi of course! I loved loved loved her! Seriously, if you have not read her book, you should, it's funny, and it really gives you a peek into what elementary teaching is really like. I agreed with her views on teaching and technology completely, and I hope we get to talk to her again before the semester is over. I am getting ready to do my observing for foundations, and I am excited. I am hoping to observe Mrs. Davis at White Rock, because I had her for kindergarten, and she was wonderful. I always remember her class as one of my favorites. The second teacher I am observing is Mrs. Woolard at the high school. She teaches anatomy and physiology, and I had her also, and she was a wonderful teacher as well. I am in LOVE with my Kindle, and I recommend one to everyone that loves to read. I am leaning toward kindergarten more at the moment. Who knows, maybe after I observe I will completely change my mind. I hope everyone had a happy and safe halloween! :)

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  1. Don't forget to post the blogs you follow on your sidebar. I can't wait to hear about your observations.