Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Made my Decision...

Kindergarten it is! Last Friday I observed a kindergarten class and fell in love. Granted, the teacher was wonderful and made it look easy, those adorable little faces and willingness to learn won me over. I can definately see how it could be a challenge and take a lot of patience to do, but I now know it's my passion. I am so glad I observed where I did, and the teacher was wonderful. It was even more special because I had her when I was in kindergarten :)Great great day. I hope I can make a difference in my future students' lives and really motivate them to do well and succeed, even at such a young age. Sure, some things about the kids were not so sweet, i.e. tattle tales, name calling, and not sharing properly. But ya know what? I even loved that part. I really got to see how there is a lesson in EVERYTHING, no matter how small, from making a pattern with the days on the calender, to discouraging a student from calling another student a "turd bird"...ha, gotta love child innocence honesty! ;)

As for class last week, working with the microphones and headphones was fun, and I can see how children of all ages would think it is "cool", but also get a lot out of it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This week, I loved the video we watched. I am absolutely terrible at math, and the way the teacher said he explains it to his classes could be very useful and really put it into perspective for people like me that really struggle with the concepts of it. My mom observed 4th grade this past week, and it made me so excited for when I get to, which will be very soon. I am going to observe high school biology first. I am really hoping this observation will give me some idea as to what area I would like to teach. I am kind of excited to work on the PowerPoint tonight, as nerdy as that sounds haha. I think it's fun doing those things and making lesson plans...probably because I am not forced to every week yet! :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

We All Know What This Blog Will Be About...

Mrs. Mimi of course! I loved loved loved her! Seriously, if you have not read her book, you should, it's funny, and it really gives you a peek into what elementary teaching is really like. I agreed with her views on teaching and technology completely, and I hope we get to talk to her again before the semester is over. I am getting ready to do my observing for foundations, and I am excited. I am hoping to observe Mrs. Davis at White Rock, because I had her for kindergarten, and she was wonderful. I always remember her class as one of my favorites. The second teacher I am observing is Mrs. Woolard at the high school. She teaches anatomy and physiology, and I had her also, and she was a wonderful teacher as well. I am in LOVE with my Kindle, and I recommend one to everyone that loves to read. I am leaning toward kindergarten more at the moment. Who knows, maybe after I observe I will completely change my mind. I hope everyone had a happy and safe halloween! :)